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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Building the Ultimate Lync Presentation Tool Helper - Part 2

In last week's post we started with an idea of how to expand on the Microsoft content sharing winform app, and turn it into the Ultimate Lync Presentation Tool.  To begin I think it's best if we define what our app is going to do.  In a Lync meeting we have something called the "Meeting Bin" in which we can stuff photos, PowerPoints, whiteboards etc.  Then when we decide, we can share a particular item with the other participants in the meetings.  So our Lync presentation tools need to be able to allow easy distinction and access to their various types of objects.  We also want to be able to have some basic Lync meeting type controls so you don't have to switch between apps.  Lastly, we want to be able to save configurations, ie if a particular meeting I do for customers and I need the same 5 things in the bin, I don't want to have to manually do it each time, so I want to be able to save and retrieve a particular bins items.

Previously we discussed using wpf expanders to section off our application and allow for compact view when a section is not needed.

I see the sections as;

<Meeting functions>
Take over as presenter
Download attachment
Clear/Save annotations
Show and Change my Status
Share Screen or App

<Shared Meeting Bin>
[Visual Display List of Items]
Refresh (Also on a Timer)
Remove Item
Share Content
Stop Sharing

Create New



We'll remove the process of trying to read contacts and start and stop meetings.  Instead we'll watch for conversations in progress with AudioVideo modality and elevate them to a conference if necessary.

Next week I'll go through the WPF layout for all the various controls that the screen will need, and once we've got our design nailed down we'll start to add the code for file and Lync functions.

Doug Routledge, C# Lync, SQL, Exchange, UC Developer