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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Using Power BI to Measure Skype for Business QoEMetrics Part II

Today we will continue building our Skype for Business QoEMetrics Power BI dashboard.  This post will focus on Application Sharing details.  This will be tracked when you have a conference call and someone presenting content, like screen sharing.  The first report we will build will measure the RDP latency, ie when you are sharing your screen how long it takes the users viewing to see each frame.  A definition of 400 ms is widely accepted as the number to be below to have a good users experience.

Here is the visual I created from our data.  It's worth noting that when the data becomes very good in August is when the Skype for Business update to change to VBSS occurred.  This seems to have greatly reduced the latency for frames, and makes for a fantastic end user experience.

The Query

select top 10000 convert(date,StartTime) as [Date], avg (RDPTileProcessingLatencyAverage) as [Latency] from ASCallAggView group by convert(date,StartTime) order by convert(date,StartTime)

Once we have created our query, close and apply then return to Power BI visual editor.  Drop an area visual onto the work space, and configure it similar to the settings shown to the left.

In mine example, I added a constant line at 400 ms to define a good score of everything that is under that threshold.

You can also add an average, or trend line too, which can be useful to see which direction your data is heading.

The second visual we will create will measure the jitter on an application sharing conference call.

I created 3 constant lines of this visual as well, to define the levels of good, fair and poor (green, yellow, and red)

The Query

select top 10000 convert(date,ConferenceDateTime) as [Date], avg (JitterInterArrival) as [Jitter] from QoEReportsASCallListView group by convert(date,ConferenceDateTime) order by convert(date,ConferenceDateTime)

Once you have created the query return to the editor and make your area visual look something like this.

Next week we will keep adding to our visuals library, and once we have built out all the pieces we will walk through creating a dashboard.

Doug Routledge, C# Lync, Skype for Business, SQL, Exchange, UC, Full Stack Developer  BridgeOC
Twitter - @droutledge @ndbridge

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