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Saturday, June 20, 2015

From RG Wallboard to BWD

A few months ago I proposed the idea of a .net website ajax driven that would display a real-time view of a given response group, as well as some statistical information I thought would be handy to have.  Well that page and 35 reports later, a product named the Bridge Web Dashboard is now in beta testing.  Keeping true to the original mission, 1/2 the reports are free forever, and the other 1/2 require a yearly paid subscription.

Bridge Web Dashboard Beta Signup

The Response Group Wallboard is one of the free pages.  It's formatted for 1920x1080 and should run in any modern web browser, so projectors and mobile devices are not excluded from the fun.  It has gone through several changes, and probably has a couple more surprises in it before the official launch date.  Here is what it currently looks like.

As you can see it is broken in 7 distinct sections.

Section 1. Real-Time Call Data

This section shows you the active number of calls waiting for the selected response group, as well as the total received, and total abandoned.  It also shows a gauge of abandoned calls from you selected acceptable abandon rate.

Section 2.  Current Agents

This section shows you who is logged in, and who is logged out of the selected response group with gauges built again from your selected settings.

Section 3.  Calls Per Day Over the Last Week

The calls per day for the last week, gives you a basic idea of the call activity trend, so you can see with a quick glance if the call volume is trending up or down during the last 7 days.

Section 4.  Answered calls by Agents

This section gives you a graphical view of percentage of calls each of the response group agents has answered.  You can toggle them by clicking on there square in the legend to the right.

Section 5.  Map of Answered and Abandoned Calls.

This section shows you a geographical map of where your answered (green) and abandoned (red) calls have come from during the selected time-frame.  You can hover over any marker for more details.  Please note our demo bots have made calls from numbers that don't exist so our map doesn't match up exactly.

Section 6.  Call Per Hour Today

Much like the call per day graph, this graph gives you a quick glance as to whether call volume is trending up or down on an hourly basis today.  It's a great tool for a quick look at when you can start sending people home.

Section 7.  Calls Per Hour Per Day (Last Week)

Yeah that name is seriously confusing, I know.  What this really is, is simply a way to see what this hour and the next hour had for call volume at the same time, last week.  So if I need to figure out how many people to have show up at 9 on Saturday I can see how many calls we had last week at 9 on Saturday.  This is simply another tool at a glance that give managers a glimpse into trends.

So this will conclude the breakdown of 1 of the 36 pages available in BWD.  I would encourage you to sign up the beta, submit us ideas for new or existing reports, and be part of growing and developing this tool for the Skype for Business community.

Doug Routledge, C# Lync, Skype for Business, SQL, Exchange, UC Developer  BridgeOC
Twitter - @droutledge @ndbridge

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