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Saturday, July 2, 2016

New SQUAT feature added to BOC / BEC for Skype for Business

Today I am going to walk you through a very cool new feature we have added to our product line for Skype for Business.  One morning I was on a call with a colleague, and we really need some information from a 3rd member of our team, but he was not in yet.  We discussed how we both had his status tagged so we would see when he came online, but it would be cool if we could just have Skype for Business put us all on a call when he became available.  SQUAT was born.  We began working on an automated feature that would accomplish all of this for us.

We laid out a set of things that would beneficial to wrap around this features.

1.  Easy user search
2.  Use of existing Skype for Business Groups, or AD Departments
3.  Ability to save and load lists
4.  Call notes to remind you what the call was about in the event you forgot between schedule and start.

So once you have defined the call parameters, description, and who you need on the call, SQUAT will start a background thread and you can go about whatever you need to be doing.  SQUAT will continuously check the status of all of the users you require for the call, and the second they are all available it will play a sound and present you a message like the one shown in the top right of this screen.

To initiate the call you need only click Yes.  Once you do that a call is automatically created, and the users you selected are invited.

This feature would with our without a BLOC3 server, and works against both on-prem and cloud deployments of Skype for Business.  It is available in both our Bridge Operator Console and Bridge Boss-Admin Executive console.

If you have any questions about this new feature or would live a demo of it in action feel free to contact me, or our sales team.

Doug Routledge, C# Lync, Skype for Business, SQL, Exchange, UC Developer  BridgeOC
Twitter - @droutledge @ndbridge

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