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Monday, October 14, 2013

Bridge Communications Launches Bridge Tapi Connector Version 2

Press Release - Bridge Tapi Connector V2

Bridge Communications Launches Bridge Tapi Connector V2  
Fargo, ND – 10, 14, 2013 – Bridge Communications today announced that its Bridge Tapi Connector V2 is officially available to all customers.

Bridge Operator Console for Windows is designed to be a replacement for the Cisco Attendant Console auto attendant product available in Call Manager versions 7.x and below.   It allows for full presence from the phone system, Microsoft Exchange Server calendars (with optional Exchange Connector), Microsoft Lync (with free Lync Connector), and Cisco Jabber / CUPS. 
By combining all of your companies status information into a single source, the operators can make spit second call decisions.  Bridge Operator Console offers full call control function, like transfer, supervised transfer, parking, hold, resume, call, redirect, voicemail transfer, etc.  BOC also includes the capability to send text messages or voice pages directly to Cisco IP desk phones.  A unique feature that leverages the power of the phones is Park For.  Park For allows the user to park a call for someone, and have that person's phone notify them of the call, removing the needs for a page, or second call.
Version 3 is a major step forward.  It takes advantages of the latest Microsoft technologies leading to huge gains in both graphics and network performance.  Version 3 is a complete rewrite, analyzing every process, and making each piece more efficient.  In the end we believe the program is now faster, easier to use, easier to install, and easier to update.

 What's New in Version 2?
The Ribbon and Modern UI - Like the BOC client, the new Tapi Connector has a ribbon and modern UI look and feel.  It is designed to be easier to administer, and contains main new tests and utilities to make sure everything is working properly.
Languages - Tapi Connector V2 has been upgraded from 2 languages to 11.
New Dial Match Rules - Now you can create broad or network specific Dial Match Rules, and notify via any of the electronic options (IM, Phone Screen, Email).  Example:  If you use A on network 10.1.6.x dials 911 I want to IM User B.
New Network Based Paging Groups - Now you can create a group message or voice paging group based on a network, ie; voice page everyone on 10.1.5.x.
New Photo Sources - In addition to getting personal photos from AD, now you can load them from files, a folder, a url and more.
Settings on the Fly - Change any of the settings on the fly without having to restart the services.  You can now also update your license information in seconds when a new purchanse happens, if you need it before the normal hour long replication.
Server Prep Tool - You can download a single tool now that will prep your server with all the prerequisits, install the correct Cisco TSP, and all of the required BOC Components making installs a breeze.
SQL Included - Version 2 gives you the options to install the off box, or SQL 2012 Express bundled version, which will also do all the SQL prep and configuration for you.
Offline License Activation - If you absolutely can't give the connector an internet connection you can download and apply license information offline, including product activation.
Manage Add-Ons - You can easily manage Add-ons like the Exchange connector from the same GUI now, and easily unlock new purchased Add-on products.

About Bridge Communications:
 Bridge Communications was founded in early 2006.  Initially Bridge Communications was a hardware vendor, specializing in servers, SANs, networking, and telecommunications.  In 2007 after looking, with no success,  for an attendant console program that would meet our needs, we decided to develop our own.  In 2008 we were approached by several companies who weren't thrilled with the offerings available for CUCM, and asked if we could create a similar product on that platform.  In 2009 Bridge Communications joined the Cisco Developer Network, and began to develop an attendant console replacement for the Cisco legacy Attendant Console program, which was then scheduled to be terminated.  By that summer, working closely with CUCM users we deployed our first version in a live production environment.  Since then Bridge Communications has developed a network of the best unified communications resellers around the world.  Together we have helped thousands of businesses solve problems together, and streamline how they handle calls.  The Bridge Operator Console is in use all over the globe by some of the largest corporations in the world.   Our philosophy is simple.  We listen to our resellers and customers, and develop solutions that exceed their needs.  We keep everything simple, from our pricing, to getting a live human on the phone in a matter of minutes when you need help. 

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