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Monday, March 23, 2015

Response Group Wallboard for the Lync / Skype for Business Community - Part II

The quest for the free response group wallboard for Lync and Skype for Business continues.  While I did not receive the "hey Doug, I want to help" response from the community I had hoped, I certainly did receive a lot of interest in the idea.

As a company Bridge Communications has decided to move forward with this, as part of a 3 tier solution.  The live web based wall will be available as an install-able IIS website, you can run on any IIS server.  There will be more discussion of the built in themes and features as they become less in flux and more in stone.

This is a very early look at what we are currently testing a week or so into development.  The future plans are to expand a program around this, covering tons of live screens and reports that every Lync / Skype for business admin and manager would want to have.  The 3 tiers will be.

1.  Free Response Group Wallboard only.
2.  #1 with Support (Paid)
3.  Full package with all the live screens and reports (Paid)

This project is largely going to depend on you the Lync/Skype4B community.  If there are reports or live screen you'd like to have on your desktop, or projected on the wall of your call center you have to let us know, so we can create them.  I have high hopes for this project and I see it as something great for Bridge Communications, and Lync/Skype4B on the whole as it moves into a larger market share.

Doug Routledge, C# Lync, Skype for Business, SQL, Exchange, UC Developer  BridgeOC
Twitter - @droutledge @ndbridge

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  1. Hi Doug, Just same across this while looking for a Wallboard solution.. very interested to see how this progresses.. I know this post is quite old now so I'm hoping you've made lots of progress.


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